SKY Group views Corporate Responsibility as an integral part of our business culture. From inception we ensure that our business solutions are developed in a manner which is consistent with current safety and environmental standards as well as the standards of financial and social responsibility.

Particular care is taken to ensure our processes encompass the necessary elements needed to meet our internal and external customer needs and all regulatory requirements


SKY Group is committed to providing value to our customers. To this extent we realize that

standards of quality in our processes and procedures are an important factor to achieving this goal.

Through our internal standards of quality, we drive performance based on mutually agreed key performance indicators, which serve to validate that the service criteria agreed upon have been met and or exceeded. These key performance indicators also ensure that SKY Group has the information needed to keep up with any changes in the supply chain.
This methodology allows SKY Group to provide proactive solutions to its customers


Sustainability is how we demonstrate our responsibility for people, the planet and for future generations. It is a key part of our business strategy and essential for our long-term success. Our sustainability program is focused on reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

Safety and Security

SKY Group is committed to continual improvement in safety and security performance; We strive to demonstrate a strong and proactive approach to this issue. Our security standards

and procedures represent added-value within a customers supply chain.

The SKY Group facilities and warehouses are equipped with sophisticated technol­o­gy in fire and intrusion protection.

All systems are managed by a building control system. The SKY Group warehouses is maintaining a non-smoking policy. From a security perspective we have taken the necessary precautions including intruder systems and access control systems.

All systems are checked and documented on a frequent basis.