Our warehousing capabilities are complemented by our storage solutions, designed and developed to meet our customers’ supply chain specifications.

We offer storage solutions for a diverse range of freight types and overall supply chain requirements.

Our storage solutions can help our customers reduce storage space, cargo handling costs and improve inventory accuracy by optimising storage options and streamlining activities.

Our storage solutions include:

Vault storage
Our bank-rated vault storage can be used to store large valuables (pallet style) or small items, for short or long term periods. We also provide complete transportation logistics for your valuables, from your premises to our vault, with our valuable cargo freight service.

Bonded warehouses
We provide fully licensed bonded warehousing allowing our customers the flexibility to defer payment of import duty until their consignment is required. We can take care of the customs clearance and organise transportation logistics as your goods are required.

Licence No: NL01080011021

Temperature-controlled storage
When your goods require refrigeration or to be stored at set temperatures, we have the warehousing capacity to store and maintain the integrity of your goods.

Critical stock holding locations
We own and operate warehouses in CBD locations to store time-critical equipment and spare parts for your customers. We currently offer this service throughout Netherlands.