SKY Group offers the following value added services, which focus on administrative activities:

  • Invoicing
  • Fiscal representation
  • Customs consultancy

Through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connection or system links SKY Group can arrange invoicing services for the European market.

Fiscal representation
Only local companies with a fixed or permanent establishment in the respective EU countries can use the VAT deferment system. In order to make use of this beneficial feature foreign companies need to appoint a fiscal representative. IJS Global provides full scale fiscal representation services.

Customs consultancy
Customs legislation and procedure is a complex area that can have a significant impact on business practices and operating costs.

Our customs service’s aim at:

  • Identifying the most appropriate Customs regime to support your business strategy
  • Analyzing your corporate business processes and delivering solutions that ensure measurable and quantifiable reductions to your duty and VAT liability
  • Advising on Import Licenses, classification, valuation, duty reliefs, preferences, end-use etc
  • Ensuring a smooth flow of goods without delays
  • Reducing cash flow burden due to VAT payments
  • Optimizing import duty payments